American Muay Thai League


Points are awarded to boxers who use Muay Thai weapons ,( kicks, knees, elbows, fists) techniques and strike powerfully, accurately and according to the rules of Muay Thai.

The scoring advantage and points is awarded to:

  • The boxer that causes the most damage using Muay Thai weapons
  • The boxer that hits the proper target with the most powerful,heavier and accurate strikes using muay thai weapons
  • The boxer who can cause more physical exhaustion to his opponent
  • The boxer who displays better muay thai techniques, defense and balance
  • The boxer who shows better stlye of aggressive attacks
  • The boxer who has the least amount of fouls

The scoring advantage is Not awarded to:

  • The boxer who fouls and violates the rules of Muay Thai
  • Muay Thai weapon strikes on the opponents arms or legs that is being used as a defense technique against a muay thai weapon
  • Strikes that hit light or without power
  • Throwing an opponent to the ground without using a Muay Thai weapon
  • The boxer who catches a kick without using a Muay Thai weapon
  • Boxers who expose and or turn their back in retreat to the opponent

Point system

★  10 points are givent to the winner of the round and loser of the round may receive 9,8,7 points

★  For an even round both boxers score a full 10 points (10:10)

○    Rounds 1­-5 have the ability to score as a 10:10 round

★  The winner of a round scores 10 points the loser scores 9 (10:9)

★  The clear winner of a round scores 10 points and the loser 8 (10:8)

★  The winner of the round with their opponent having been counted once in that round scores 10 points and the loser 8 points (10:8)

★  The boxer who is winning a round but gets counted once in that round and continues to dominate the round can be given 9 points and the opponent who has not been counted in that round 10 points. (10:9)

★ The winner of the a round with their opponent having been counted twice scores 10 points and theloser 7 (10:7)

★ Boxers can lose a point in a round for fouls and violation of Muay Thai rules.

Highest Scoring techniques with Muay Thai Weapons

  • Any Muay Thai weapon ( Kicks, knees, elbows fists) that causes a knock down will be scored the highest
  • Any Muay Thai weapon that causes the evidence of damage or the expression of physical pain on an opponent will score
  • KICKS ​­ – land to the head, neck, body and upper arms if it causes movement scores
  • KNEES​­ – straight or thrusting knee to the body or head
  • ROUND KNEE­​ – lands on the body , Lands on the legs but causes opponent to show pain
  • PUNCHES​­ – has to land Cleanly and show the effect of pain or opponent losing position/balance
  • ELBOWS ­ – has to land Cleanly and the show the effect of being cut, damaged or to the opponent loosing positon
  • LEG KICKS ­- scores when they cause the opponent to show physical pain, limping, or makes them lose position/off balance them

Non Scoring Techniques

  • Techniques that are blocked using the legs for proper Muay Thai defense
  • Techniques that do not land cleanly on the target
  • Techniques that have no power, are not heavy and that show no effect to the opponent
  • Push Kicks (Teeps) that do not cause an opponent to off balance or show pain
  • Push Kicks( Teeps) that land on the opponents body but cause the kicker to move back.


Proper Attire
  • Muay Thai Shorts -­ All contestants must wear Traditional style Muay Thai shorts either Satin or Nylon. MMA shorts, Kickboxing shorts or any other style or Material will be deemed unsatisfactory and the participant will be disqualified.
  • Contestants must wear either Blue or Red Muay Thai Shorts. The color of the shorts will correspond with the corner assigned to him/her for their bout. Red shorts for red corner and blue shorts for blue corner.
  • Groin Protection -­ All Male Participants must wear a Steel Cup​. The protective steel cup is strung and tied with a fast knot behind the back and neatly covered ends. Plastic, Neoprene or any other Material will be deemed unsatisfactory and the participant will be disqualified.

Female Participants are to wear both a groin protector and chest guard. The female protective covering must be made of strong material capable to protect them from strong blows or strikes. (optional)

  • Mouth Piece
  • Mongkon – Each gym/camp has the responsibility to provide the fighter with a mongkon that must be worn previous to entering the ring up until returning to the center of the ring for the starting of the bout.
  • Prajiat/armband – Permitted but not required
  • Ankle supports – Permitted but not required. Only one support permitted per each ankle.

Bout Classification
  • Professional Full Rules Muay Thai.

Punches, Knee strikes, Kicks and Elbows Permitted
Protective Gear – Boxing Gloves, Groin Protector, Mouthpiece
Bout Duration – Professional bouts will consist of 5 X 3 min rounds with a 1 min breaking period between rounds.

  • Amateur Full Rules

Punches,Knee strikes, Kicks and Elbows Permitted ( NO Knees to the head)

Protective Gear – Boxing Gloves, Groin Protector, Mouthpiece Elbow Pads, and Shin Guards

+ Elbow pads and shin guards will be provided by the promotion to ensure quality and an equal standard.

Bout Duration

A Class Amateur bouts will consist of 5 X 2 or 3×2 min rounds with a 1 min breaking period between rounds.

* The American Muay Thai League does not modify the sport of Muay Thai or take away/substitute any of the Muay Thai weapons*

Gloves & Weight
  • 100 – 122 lbs requires 6oz leather gloves
  • 126 – 147 lbs requires 8oz leather gloves

Weigh classes above 147 requires 10 oz leather gloves

Licence and Medicals

Before the scheduled event date, each gym/camp/team as well as participating fighter must register with the American Muay Thai League.

Professional Fighters must obtain the proper state license.

  • Medicals required are EEG/CAT scan, EKG, Blood work HEP B, HEP C, HIV, Eye Exam.

Amateur Fighters Must register with the American Muay Thai League

  • $20 USD fee
  • Medicals required are Physical, and Blood work HEP B,HEP C, HIV (medicals may vary depending on state)