Pros And Cons Of Studying At Silva Muay Thai College

College is not just about taking up a course to become professionals on a certain specialization. It can also be about taking up a sport or martial art like Muay Thai. This martial art is also known as Thai kickboxing. It circles around the concept of the ‘art of eight limbs’. This means that all limbs in the body will be used for this martial art. There are a lot of schools offering Muay Thai lessons and training, and one of these is the Silva Muay Thai College. This college has been popular because of Anderson Silva who is known for his expertise in professional mixed martial arts. Studying at the Silva Muay Thai College may have its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Enrolling at Silva Muay Thai College


1. Provides authentic martial arts training

At Silva Muay Thai College, you do not get the basics when it comes to martial arts. They will provide you traditional and authentic martial arts techniques and methods which are being used even from way back.
2. It has complete facilities

When you enroll in this college, you get comprehensive training and practices because of their complete facilities. Their gyms are packed with machines and equipment that you need for the classes and training.
3. Offers different classes

It is not just Muay Thai that you will learn in this school. It also offers different classes on mixed martial arts, fitness training, default defense, and many more.
4. Highly recommended by past students

Students who have enrolled and graduated from this school only have good words for its program, and staff. It is being recommended by its students and the parents as it has provided great lessons and training.


1. No nearby branches

If you live far from California, then you will have to travel far just to study at Silva Muay Thai College. This means that you will be far from your home if you take the classes at this school.
2. Needs budget for the classes

You can expect to pay high tuition fees to get into this school. Its reputation, facilities, and recognized trainers and instructors will show that you need to have a huge budget to get into this school.
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