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December 5th is one of the most importand days in Muay Thai. It marks the birthday of His Royal Majesty the King of Thailand. The World Muay Thai Council America has allowed the American Muay Thai League to host the First ever WMC­USA Official Kings Birthday Celebration Event. The Event will have the best fighters in North America competing for the first ever WMC USA Titles as well as other known pro and A­Class Amatuer fighters. The event will be like none other with a full staff of highly qualified and the best Thai judges, and referees to assure best outcome and event possible

Red Corner/ Blue Corner

1. Mel Odria( Seapeanong,VA) vs Diana Metzger(Disciple MMA,VA) 108lbs

2. James Gregory (Coban ,NY ) vs Rolando Valdez (Bethesda) 152 lbs

3. Joey Hernandez(Sitan,NY) vs Nimron Bibbins(MD Combat Sports) 147 lbs

4. Brian Hansen (5 Points NY) vs Allen Hargrove (MD) 178 lbs

5. Johnathan George (Seapeanong) vs. Evan Reed (Disciple MMA) 140 lbs

6. Rudy Felix( Sitan, NY) vs Jared Tipton (Leve up , MD) 132 lbs

7. Asa Ten (Legend MT,FL) vs. Neil Mustafa (Rami Elite, Phila,PA) 138 lbs

8. Greg Rowe (5 points MY,NY ) vs Kelly Huston (Disciple MMA,VA) 150

9. Caleb Archer (Renzo Gracie,NY) vs Ahmet Kairetli (Kaizen MMA, VA) 135 lbs Title

10. Justin Greskiewicz(Stay Fly MTPhila) vs Jeremy Carper (Coalitin MMA, WV) 150 lbs Title

11. Coke Chunhawat(Oakland,CA) vs Carlos Lopez( Disciple MMA, VA) 140 lbs Title

Fight 1 ,3 X2 min rounds. 1 min rest

Fight 2 ­7 , 5x 2 min round . 1 min rest

Fight 8 ­ 11, 5×3 min round. 2 min rest

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